And the most frequently asked question is…

How much snow should we expect?

Well, a really excellent question, but a little tough to answer.  The easy answer is, “It depends.”  We bought the cabin in 1998, and the first four years that we owned it, we went up every Friday afternoon and came down every Monday morning, year round.  Often, I also went up on Wednesday afternoons and came down early Thursday.  Never once were we snowed in – thanks to a wonderful plowing crew and a little personal muscle power.  (In those days, we didn’t have a snow blower).  But did it snow a lot?  Well, yes, it did…

This pic was taken in the spring after a fresh snowfall, which of course, was lying on top of snow accumulated during the winter.  And this was a very snowy year.   I do remember one year when we didn’t get any snow until late December – rather unusual, of course.

Road in Front of Cabin

And here is a pic where we had such a snowy winter and spring that the road right in front of the cabin diminished to only one and a half car widths (there are pull outs).

But what is typical?  By late February, in the 5 acres around the cabin, there will be deep drifts – perfect for putting on a pair of snowshoes and getting the hang of it.  Roads will easily be able to accommodate two cars side by side.   Usually there will be a ‘fresh’ layer of snow on top of the old stuff, so everything will be white and pretty.   Our biggest and wettest snowfalls are usually in the spring – March and April.   Might get a bit of snow in June, but it won’t stick around long or amount to much, and temps may be up in the 50’s just hours later.  And remember, the Glacier is just a 30 minute hike from our front door, and adventuresome folks ski/snowboard on it year round.  (Caution: by late summer, it’s pretty much like skiing on a sheet of ice.)

And finally, the not so typical:  In March of 2003 we had 8 feet of snow over the course of 3 days.   No plowing, no electricity (that was before we bought the generator), and no water.   I-70 was completely closed to traffic.  It was truly the adventure of all adventures. 

 I was up there alone with our dog Jack and had to shovel every two hours just to maintain a narrow path to the end of the driveway.   And I loved every minute of it…

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