Christmas 2012 at Saudade

It’s always a special treat to decorate the cabin for Christmas guests.   Mother Nature always seems to do her share:  a new blanket of snow, towering evergreens swaying in the wind, starry nights where the Milky Way streams across the sky like foam on the ocean’s surface.

This year Maya and I went out on an initial scouting foray to find the perfect tree for the great room.  Conveniently, we ended up finding it right at the end of the driveway, in a little cove of trees that desperately needed some thinning.   Of course before we found it, we hiked the acres just north of the cabin, through snow drifts that threatened the tops of my knee high boots.  But you know, that just adds to the adventure of it all – and the perfect opportunity to set the stage for hot chocolate and melted marshmallows once we got back home.     

Maya in the Snow

We keep the decorating pretty simple, though next year I’m determined to find more wooden cranberry bead garland, like we use at home in Boulder.  Memo to self for next year:  put on the tree topper before you secure the tree in the stand and fill the stand with water!    

Christmas Tree in the Great Room

And here are a few other holiday touches…

Dining Nook Window

Carousel Ride, Anyone?


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