The Cabin


…sitting in front of the fire, watching the Engelmann Spruce just beyond the deck, lit by the outside lights, swaying back and forth in the wind like the parting waves of a churning sea. Imagine lingering over dinner, lost in intimate conversations and great home cooked food, watching as the flames in the fireplace seem to dance to the ebb and flow of your words. Or imagine being soothed by the sound of the creek just yards from your bedroom window, as you gently drift off to sleep. At our mountain retreat, the hardest decision you will have to make is whether to take a half hour, one hour, two hour, three hour or four hour hike. Perhaps it’s spring and you want to see the first Pasque flowers blooming up on Yankee Hill. Or see if the blue birds have returned. Or in the fall, hiking beyond Yankee Hill toward the ruins of old cabins and mills, through yellow Aspen forests heavily bedded with kinnickinnick, and finally heading back to civilization on Cumberland Gulch Road. And of course, the glacier is always a possible destination – but will you take the three hour hike to get there that takes you above mountain meadows with a distant view of Grays and Torreys Peaks, or take the typical tourist approach off Fall River Road, or head up through the rough terrain just east of Fox Mountain? Or perhaps there are two feet of snow on the ground, and a hike along our plowed roads will provide plenty of exercise for the day. Want to launch a budding photography or writing career, with a cabin retreat that will nuture the creativity within you? Want to reconnect with that special person in a setting that was made for romance? A cozy fire in the hearth, huge chairs to sink into, warm throws to wrap up in, soft ambient lighting…our cabin has it all, and we are just waiting to share it with you.
Hike through the north acres of our property to the road on the southern edge of Lake Quivera…the perfect place to view the sunrise as it pinks the hills to the west. Both the Lakes in our small neighborhood are stocked with Rainbow Trout (we provide the permits; the lakes are catch and release). Or, instead, hike the acres just below the house, to explore the creek and the site of the old beaver dam, or angle for the native Brook Trout.

St. Mary's Lake

Hiking, snowshoeing, skiing the glacier, mountain biking, fishing, bird watching…or just pulling out a book or two from our eclectic library and nestling in front of the fire – it is our passion to help you connect with the things that will nurture your spirit. Your weekend here can be the touchstone in your life for the choices you will make next week, next month, next year. Join us at Saudade for a renewal of the spirit – it just may be the beginning of a lifetime’s journey…

St. Mary's Glacier