Right in Our Backyard

In 1998, when we explored the St. Mary’s area looking for a second home, being on the water was key for us. Although several properties on Lake Quivira were for sale at the time, we chose the creek side location – it afforded more privacy and seclusion, and the open area below the house gave us a great view of Mt. Evans in the distance.

Mt Evans view from deck

Our ‘backyard’ is five acres, most of it streamside, much of it in stands of Engelmann Spruce, Lodge Pole Pine, and Balsam Fir.

Bedroom window view

On the north, our property abuts the road on the southern shore of Lake Quivira.

Lake Quivira

The northeast part of the property is defined by Silver Creek as it flows out of Lake Quivira. There are two natural ponds; one is just yards from the house. We’l be stocking this one with Rainbow Trout early this summer.

Our trout pond

From this pond, there is a significant drop in altitude, giving us crashing white water in the spring and into the fall months.

Silver Creek whitewater

As the creek moves beyond the house, the land levels out and the waters again become calm, surrounded by wide banks of lush grasses.

Our land south of cabin

Trout city!

Here from our deck we watch the warblers and swallows flitting across the surface, vying with the brook trout for nature’s unending supply of winged insects. A hike creek side below the house will reveal the remnants of an old beaver dam.

Beaver dam in 1998.

Tucked almost next to the house itself is an underground spring that flows year long.

Underground spring

We’ve leveled and filled one low area that we’ve used as a bocce court in the summer, and as a star field year round – our views of the night skies can’t be beat, and our computerized telescope will help you find your way around.

Hey guys, how about a smile?

Ever changing evening sky (from deck)